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Our new submission season for the 15th NYC Downtown Short Film festival is open. Submit your films by using the link below.

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12 NYC Downtown Short Film Festival Awards Awards 2016

Best Drama Squeeze Directed by Jamie Kirkpatrick
Best Comedy Sucklepump Directed by Jono Freedix
Best Gay I Don't Believe In That Directed by Guy Oliveri
Best Documentary Alzheimer's: A Love Story
Directed by Gabe Schimmel
Best Latino Machista-Male Chauvanist Directed by William Rosario
Best Animation Cuerdas Directed by Pedro Solís García Spain
Best Foreign Film Without Directed by Paola Sinisgalli Italy
Best Director Never Directed by Giulio Poidomani Italy

Honorable Mentions The Cat Callers Directed by Molly Kelleher 
This Ain't Disneyland Directed by Faiyaz Jafri 

Join us June 8th - 11th 2016 for the
12th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival
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Awards 2015

Best Drama Tadaima   Directed by Robin Takao D'Oench

Best Comedy Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others  Directed by Geoff Celis

Best Animation You Are Not Alone  Directed by Yufeng Li  &

Beauty Sacrifice Directed by Shannon Lee

Best LGBT  Swadhisthana  Directed by Joel Mahr

Best NYC Film  Bloody Mary  Directed By Jono Freedrix

Best Latino The Extraordinary Mr. Jupiter  Directed by Federico Torres Puerto Rico

Best Foreign Granny Smith   Directed by Julian Lucas Australia

Special Jury Award   Then and Now  Directed by The Bashford Twins Great Britain

Best Director  Federico Torres The Extraordinary Mr. Jupiter 

Best Actor Julian Glover Then and Now

Best Actress Tina Chen  Descendants of the Past, Ancestors of the Future 

Best Screenplay  Descendants of the Past, Ancestors of the Future 

 Honorable Mentions

 My Kingdom  Directed by Debra Solomon

Kite   Directed by Gavin Moran

Write With Me   Directed by Hannah Leshaw

We are now accepting submissions for our
12th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival. Submit your film today:


2014 awards

Best Drama Taking It For Granted Directed by Jill Savino

Best Comedy Little Man of Steel Directed by Larry Ziegelman

Best Animation Coyote directed by Nicholas Gibney

Best Gay/Lesbian  Brighton  Directed by Pierre Stefanos &

Grind Directed by Zachary Halley

Best Documentary How To Begin A Film About Javier Aquirre Directed by Antonio Pelaez (Spain)

Best NYC Film The Sacred Heart  Directed by Andrew Serban

Best Foreign The Audition  By Directed by Michael Haussman (Italy)

Special Jury Award  Bunny, Getting To Know Dad Directed by Tatiana Skorlupkina (Russia)

Screening Jury - Honorable Mentions

Abyss Directed by Darian Brenner

Bliss Drama Directed by Hannah Leshaw

Crazy For You Comedy Directed by James Moran (United Kingdom)

Innocent Creep Directed by Nick Petrie

Gnosis Animation Directed by Tamara Hahn

Narcissist Gay/Lesbian Directed by Eric Casaccio

The End NYC Film Directed by Emma Jay

The Patio Drama Directed by Dale Wolfe (Canada)

Trapped Girl  NYC Film Directed by Beth Spitalny

 Please join us on Thursday June 26 at 8 PM for Pride@DMAC Film where we will screen Taking It For Granted Directed by Jill Savino; Brighton Directed by Pierre Stefanos: Grind Directed by Zachary Halley; Narcissist Directed by Eric Casaccio. Tickets are free at (use discount code DMAC)




Duo Multicultural Arts Center (DMAC) is pleased to present PRIDE @ DMAC, running June 16-22, 2013. As an official partner for NYC Pride, DMAC will showcase a diverse range of works, including paintings by contemporary artist Seth Ruggles Hiler, performative exhibitions by Michelangelo Alasa', and dance by the burgeoning MADboots dance co. The week will conclude with a film festival, "Gay Shorts"-highlighting a rich array of queer stories. In an effort to increase the accessibility of PRIDE @ DMAC programming, admission to events at DMAC ranges from $10-FREE. Representing a longtime champion of arts in the local community, DMAC is proud to celebrate Pride and queer culture in the East Village.

Gay Shorts

Gay Shorts features five short films addressing the intricacies, complexities, and curiosities of queer lives. A treat for those who believe in living life to the fullest, Gay Shorts will be screened in the historic Duo Theater. The program features works directed by Hannah Leshaw, Michael Pantoja, Glenn Kiser, Milton Justice, and Jeff Sumner Nathan.

Admission: $10

Fictional Me, Fictional You Directed by: Hannah Leshaw A self-conscious man escapes from his loneliness into an elaborate romantic fantasy about his neighbor.

It's Only Us Directed by: Michael Pantoja Racial profiling. Heavy drinking. Insufficient hand soap. Just some of the hazards of gay dating in New York City.

Sabbatical Directed by: Glenn Kiser Sabbatical (n). 'A break or change from a normal routine.' but what if the normal routine is a healthy and loving relationship? In 'Sabbatical,' Phillip and Sam grapple with the concept of taking time apart from one another, and dealing with the consequences of coming back together after a mutually agreed-upon separation.

Finding Dad Directed by: Milton Justice Andy, happily settled into a long term relationship with his lover Hamp, is furious when seventeen year old Chris breaks into his home and takes a swim in his pool. Andy throws him out, only to have Hamp return a few minutes later with Chris in tow. When Andy demands to know what the hell Chris is doing back in their home, he is stunned to learn that Chris might be his son, a son he never even knew he had.

Dirty Talk Directed by: Jeff Sumner Nathan, a conservative English teacher, tells his best friend Zach about a one-night stand with a hot Latin man who loves to talk dirty in this short comedy.


9th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival Awards

Best Drama Dreaming American Directed by: Lee Percy (USA)

Best Comedy Dirty Talk Directed by: Jeff Sumner (USA)

Best Foreign Angelique Directed by: Pascal Latil (France)

Best Documentary Montauk Directed by: John Madere (USA)

Best Gay Fictional Me, Fictional You Directed by: Hannah Leshaw (USA)

Best Latino El Firulete Directed by: Carlos Algara (USA)

Best Animation Make A Wish Directed by: Hee Jin Kim (USA)

Best New York City Film Juke Directed by: Michele Remsen (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast Crossing the River Directed by: Emilie McDonald (USA)

Best Director Lee Percy Dreaming American (USA)

Audience Choice Award Impressions Directed by: Nicholas Judt (USA)

Jury Award Honorable Mentions

As We Like It Directed by: Paul Meschùh (Austria)

Finding Dad Directed by: Milton Justice (USA)

It's Only Us Directed by: Michael Pantoja (USA)

Sabbatical Directed by: Glenn Kiser (USA)

Three Hearts To Beat Directed by: Arthur Valverde (France)

Una Notte Ancora Directed by: Giuseppe Bucci (Italy)

Monday April 22 8PM

Fictional Me, Fictional You (Gay/Lesbian) Directed by: Hannah Leshaw A self-conscious man escapes from his loneliness into an elaborate romantic fantasy about his neighbor.

Incoming Directed by: Mozhan Marno (Drama) A loner who has recently lost custody of her son meets an endearing stranger who likes to sunbathe in the parking lot beneath her balcony.

Moon Hooch - Tubes Directed by: Iemi Hernandez-Kim (Animation) Trippy music video.

DAWN Directed by: Stephanie Zari (Drama) UK Dawn is a psychological drama exploring the bond of triplets, broken at birth, that sends surviving siblings Jude and Maddison on an intimate quest to fill their sense of loss, grief and loneliness. On their 36th birthday, the missing link in their trinity lays just around the corner...

Tuesday April 23 8PM

It's Only Us Directed by: Michael Pantoja (Gay/Lesbian) Racial profiling. Heavy drinking. Insufficient hand soap. Just some of the hazards of gay dating in New York City.

The Tale of Paris Echo Gold Directed by: Deirdre Vertucci (Comedy) A snapshot of one woman's hilarious ride to infamy!

Impressions Directed by: Nicholas Judt (NYC Films) 'Impressions' is an abstract tour through one teenage boy's memories of growing up in New York City. The film follows this boy as he retraces key moments from his past in hope of once more reconnecting with his past self before progressing towards a future identity. In doing so, he also revisits the bittersweet memories of a relationship he had with a girl his age. As the film progresses, the lines between memory and current reality begin to blur, leaving the boy--as well as the viewer--in a state of intense experiential uncertainty and sorrow.

El Firulete Directed by: Carlos Algara (Latino) In 1950's Argentina, on any given night, a simple man meets the woman of his dreams in a bar. He will try the impossible to seduce her and, with a little bit of tango, he'll seek the words to express what nobody else confesses in their first encounter with love.

As We Like It Directed by: Paul Meschùh Austria (Drama) Emilia is pregnant, until recently she worked as a social worker. She gave up her job to take on the guardianship for a child with behavioral problems and to be able to give it as much attention as possible. As the problems with the foster child grow steadily, Emilia's idealism is put to the test as her own child could be threatened by the stranger. A story about instinct, idealism and the power of the misdirected viewpoint.

Wednesday April 24 8PM

Crossing the River Directed by: Emilie McDonald (Drama) Inspired by a true story, 'Crossing the River' is about a young white boy who is influenced to commit a hate crime against a biracial girl who is his friend. The film explores the points of view of both the victim and perpetrators, and seeks to reveal how someone can be influenced to do something morally unspeakable.

Unexpected Guest Directed by: Bradley Stryker (Drama)
An injured amnesiac woman is discovered by a reclusive mountain man in the remote wilderness, as she searches for answers, she quickly discovers her quest for lucidity comes at a price.

JUKE Directed by: Michele Remsen (Drama) A woman tries to buy a jukebox and gets juked.

Dirty Talk Directed by: Jeff Sumner (Gay/Lesbian) Nathan, a conservative English teacher, tells his best friend Zach about a one-night stand with a hot Latin man who loves to talk dirty in this short comedy.

REFUGIO 115 Directed by: Ivan Villamel Sanchez Spain (Drama) March 18, 1938. The population of Barcelona is devastated by the continued indiscriminate bombing of fascist aviation. Something unknown is hidden in the darkness of the refuge 115, hidden and waiting to take one by one people are hidden from external danger. Aina and Jordi try to find a loophole for all those people, before the outputs are closed.

Thursday April 25 8PM

Intersection Directed by: Julian Cornwell (Drama) INTERSECTION follows a young man as he treads through a romantic whirlwind he's unsure he's willing to endure. It addresses the fact that we as humans encounter opportunities for love--or anything else--on practically a daily basis, and that it's up to us to act on these moments. Musically driven, INTERSECTION induces a surreal angle to a universal notion: that love can be nerve wracking.

The Velvet Hammer Directed by: Joe Mensch (Drama) A steel worker falls for the girlfriend of a philandering Wall Street banker and enacts a devious scheme to win her over.

Rappin' For Godot Directed by: Stephen Blauweiss (Comedy) The elusive humorists Mikhail Horowitz and Gilles Malkine present the breakthrough play of Samuel Beckett, as it might be performed by a hapless pair of academic rappers. The entire three-hour play is condensed into four minutes of nonstop hip-hop, with no intermission.

Finding Dad Directed by: Milton Justice (Gay/Lesbian) Andy, happily settled into a long term relationship with his lover Hamp, is furious when seventeen year old Chris breaks into his home and takes a swim in his pool. Andy throws him out, only to have Hamp return a few minutes later with Chris in tow. When Andy demands to know what the hell Chris is doing back in their home, he is stunned to learn that Chris might be his son, a son he never even knew he had.

THREE HEARTS TO BEAT Directed by: Arthur Valverde (Drama) France At eighteen years old, Sarah is subject to a daily rhythm by the violence of his alcoholic father and the needs of Maxime, his autistic brother. She is happy only when she see Nicolas, her boyfriend, and when she reminds her childhood memories. When his father destroyed the world she has built to protecther brother, she takes her freedom and brings Maxime and Nicolas. Hairless, makeup like indians, they escape their life to get a new one.

Friday April 26 8PM

Una Notte Ancora Directed by: Giuseppe Bucci (Gay/Lesbian) Italy The end of a love story between a young boy and a man with many regrets, became the start of an obsession for the last one.

So it Goes Directed by: Rebecca Yarsin (New York City Films) An established photographer, Mel, reluctantly starts a relationship with a younger model, Ben. Ben charges forward into uncharted relationship territory with Mel, a real woman. A year later their relationship is tested when Ben gets set up by his publicist Perry, with a hot young performer who is DTF. The meeting brings out Ben's old lothario behaviors; which makes Ben feel unexpectedly terrible. He realizes he may be in love for the first time. Can Mel give Ben a chance to be an adult? Can she believe that he will choose her, choose love?

Montauk Directed by: John Madere (Documentary) Just 100 miles from New York City lies one of America's most unique small towns. It is a fishing village, a mecca for east coast surfers, and of late one of the hottest destinations for New York's chic crowd. The film reveals Montauk's past and present through the touching and often hilarious stories told by twenty of its most fascinating and sometimes eccentric inhabitants.

Sabbatical Directed by: Glenn Kiser (Gay/Lesbian) Sabbatical (n). 'A break or change from a normal routine.' but what if the normal routine is a healthy and loving relationship? In 'Sabbatical,' Phillip and Sam grapple with the concept of taking time apart from one another, and dealing with the consequences of coming back together after a mutually agreed-upon separation. Can a relationship, no matter how strong, survive that kind of independence? And does being apart strengthen bonds, or is it inevitably the first step in saying goodbye?

Saturday April 27 8PM

Dreaming American Directed by: Lee Percy (Drama) A young man, who escaped a dangerous past, fights to keep his dream alive and battles the harsh realities of New York City, but as success comes within reach finds himself up against an uncaring immigration system. Based on a true story, Dreaming American is sometimes humorous, sometimes sad but always a moving story of the struggle to make it in America.

Sugar Girl Directed by: Bruno Simoes (Drama) Sugar Girl tells the story of Sally, a young and independent London tour guide who decides to take a trip around the world. But when all the hard decisions have been made and she's just about to leave, she meets Tom, a young mime artist who happens to be looking for his missing dog, Scratchy. During her last days in the country, and with all the little things she still needs to sort out before leaving, Sally finds herself getting irrepressibly closer to Tom, against her better judgment. Confronted with what she wants the most when she least expects it, Sally is about to learn that love is full of choices.

Make A Wish Directed by: Hee Jin Kim (Animation) There is a girl who is not satisfied with her appearance. She visits a magician cat and asks for a way to make her breasts bigger. She pays the fee with her pet, a hamster. She has to choose between getting bigger breasts and saving her hamster.

FAR Directed by: Brian Crewe (Drama) David goes on a date with Hannah, a young woman, who isn't quite what she seems.

ANGELIQUE Directed by: Pascal Latil (Drama) France Angelique arrives in the family house without being expected for the weekend. Her brother is there with his new girl friend. Immediately there is a tension between the two girls.
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8th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival Awards

Best Drama The Telegram Man (Australia) Directed by James Francis Khehtie 
Best Comedy Totally Smooth (USA) Directed by Katrina Lencek-Inagki
Best Animation Love Nest (Great Britain) Directed by Sami Abusamra 
Best Gay/Lesbian La Derade  (France) Directed by: Pascal Latil  
Best Latino Camilo   (USA) Directed by Rafael Salazar Moreno 
Audience Choice Award Left Bank Bookseller (USA) Directed by Lisa Reznik

Honorable Mentions 
Kings of Bushwick (USA) Directed by Angelo Lopez
Sunnyview (USA) Directed by Courtney Rowe
Shift Into Gear (USA) Directed by Kevin Mahoney
What Goes Around (USA) Directed by Sean Dahlberg



Saturday April 28 8 PM

Shift Into Gear  Directed by Kevin Mahoney Comedy A student driving instructor, a cheating girlfriend, a new life.

Merry Directed by Conor Byrne comedy A suburban Santa struggles to find a place "off season".

Why Does God Hate Me? Gay/Comedy Directed by: Joel Ashton McCarthy Comedy A coming of age comedy about a 14 year old boy whose best friend tries to cure him of being gay.

Sunnyview Directed by Courtney Rowe Comedy In this Golden Girls meets Shawshank comedy short two elderly best friends plan a "prison break" from their assisted living home.

Monday April 30 8PM

Kings of Bushwick Directed by Angelo Lopez Drama Five Marines come home to a hero's welcome.

Confession Directed by Will Barton Drama A priest, in his final confession is forced to face his own guilt.

The Samaritan Directed by Natasha Kermani Drama A mysterious woman discovers a fellow motorcyclist teetering on the brink of death. As the dying man begs for help, the woman's true nature and intentions are revealed.

Buddy Becker: Celebrity Assistant Directed by Ryan Devlin & Steven Craig Oliver Comedy Buddy Becker saves washed up has-beens from the depths of the Hollywood cesspool. But is there hope for David Faustino? (Married With Children)

Tuesday May 1 8PM

Mind thinks Heart knows Directed by Michael Reisch Drama Through his great fear of commitment and intimacy. Roy locks himself out of his apartment, out of his life.

Ey Pari Kojai Directed by Assal Ghawami Drama Iran 1986 A mother tries to get her children to safety in America during the Iran-Irag war.

Camilo Directed by Rafael Salazar Moreno Latino Drama A reporter longs to cover the Haiti earthquake, instead he is assigned to cover the story of a missing boy.

Newsworthy Directed by Jeremy Robbins Comedy An ambitious, zealous high school sophomore, with dreams of becoming the next Woodward or Bernstein, tries to find a story worthy of the seniors only news show.

Wednesday May 2 8PM

Fire Pit Directed by Dan Bowhers Drama Wandering the woods, three men, thrown together by chance are forced to survive both the elements and each other.

Almaz Directed by Elliot Blanchard Drama Almaz follows four Russian exiles through a chaotic night of confrontation, revenge and rebirth.

Rain in Summer Directed by Becca Roth Gay/lesbian RAin in summer is a short film about a young woman named Cass, who is reluctant to get over her boyfriend.

Mushroom Pizza Directed by Kyle Wade Comedy Toby is the world's worst pizza delivery boy and his best friend Toby is probably the second worst.

Thursday May 3 8PM

The Highly Observant Bill White Directed by Rocco Nisivoccia Drama Bill White is a highly observant detective, armed with a good night's sleep there is no mystery he cannot solve.

Red Daisy Directed by Jingyang Cheng Drama A young girl resorts to the internet in the hope of finding the connection she desperately needs, only to be confronted in the end with a nightmare she may never overcome.

Carrot Vs. Ninja Directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan
Comedy A guy driving his muscle car down a stretch of highway is distracted by what may be roadkill, he pulls over to investigate and a ghoulish adventure ensues.

The Reliever Directed by Marcus Mizelle Comedy When you have a stage 5 clinger, call in The Reliever.

Friday May 4 8PM

Left Bank Bookseller Directed by Lisa Reznik DRama James Joyce struggles to publish his revolutionary novel Ulysses until he meets the American proprietor of the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris.

The Stand-In Directed by Ricky Lloyd George Todd is the mild mannered stand in on a big budget Hollywood film. When the leading man walks off the set, Todd is put in the spotlight. Could this be his lucky day?

Noodling Directed by Rebecca Eskreis Drama the only person not impressed by the Ramsey's family's Noodling legacy in the small town of Pauls Valley is Jenna Ramsey, 14.

All I Can Say: The Musical Directed by John Mingione Comedy A musical comedy about a senior in college, who hits rock bottom when his girlfriend dumps him.

Saturday May 5 8PM

La Derade Directed by: Pascal Latil (France) Gay/Lesbian Simon and his sailor boyfriend Francois are devoted to each other. Simon has a chronic illness and is awaiting a heart transplant. On a beach, they remember the moments of happiness and those of doubt.

How To Talk To Women Directed by Josh Weisbrod Animation A simple trip to a neighborhood Taco cart turns into a very informative discussion about the fairer sex.

What Goes Around Directed by Sean Dahlberg Drama A random act of kindness leads to unexpected consequences.

Spoilt Broth Directed by Toby Roberts (Great Britain) Comedy A naive desperate man tries to rob a post office at the same time as a tough and ruthless criminal.

Sunday May 6 2 PM

Love Nest Directed by Sami Abusamra (Great Britain) Animation Married life is a strain for a pair of Robins. Especially when reliving past glories gets in the way of good parenting.

Totally Smooth Directed by Katrina Lencek-Inagki Comedy About to lose her virginity, a nerdy twenty something has to gain sexual favor.

The Telegram Man Directed by James Francis Khehtie (Australia) Set in a 1942 Australian country town, The Telegram Man stars three Australian and international screen legends, Jack Thompson, Gary Sweet and Sigrid Thornton. During the long years of World War II, Australia's farming communities paid a terrible price. One family each week discovered that their son or husband or brother would not be coming home. In the throes of such grief one seldom considers the man who delivers the news.


NYC Downtown Feature Film Festival Awards

Best Drama Month to Month Directed by Wesley Hopper
Best Comedy Director's Cut  Directed by Elana Mugdan
Best Latino  Changing Diego Directed by Will Fonseca
Best Documentary  Hollywood to Dollywood Directed by John Lavin
Special Jury Prize
All The Way Through Evening Directed by Rohan Spong
Best Director  Dana Packard  40 West


ALL THE WAY THROUGH EVENING - A World Aids Day Premiere Screening and Concert.  December 1, 7:30 PM

ALL THE WAY THROUGH EVENING A story of the AIDS crisis in New York City as you've never heard it before. A Musical Documentary by Rohan Spong   Preceding the screening there will be a live recital by the film's main subject Mimi Stern-Wolfe

MUSICAL HUSBANDS AND ANGRY WIVES Art Songs by Chris DeBlasio (music) and Ilsa Gilbert (poetry) Darcy Dunn, mezzo soprano & Mimi Stern-Wolfe , piano

HIS RED JACKET, Nocturne for Piano Solo by Kevin Oldham
Original Choreography by Sasha Spielvogel/Labyrinth Dance Theater with Aviad Herman, dancer

FURY music by Donald Wheelock, lyrics by Susan Snively
from the AIDS Quilt songbook sung by Jose Arturo Chacon, baritone.

This special premiere evening will take place in the evocative surrounds of the East Village at the historic

DMAC-Duo Multicultural Arts Center.  Tickets
  $20  Purchase at SMARTTIX.COM


7th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival Awards

Audience Choice Award: God of Love  Directed by  Luke Matheny
Best Comedy - The Diary of Tommy Crisp  Directed by Ian Rixon
Best Drama -  Eros Directed by Andrew Blum

Best Documentary - The Collector Directed by Ryan Kipp
Best Latino - Yitzy Directed by Joe Eckardt
Best Gay/Lesbian - Bedfellows  Directed by Pierre Stefanos
Best Animation - The Birds Upstairs  Directed by Christopher Jarvis
Best Foreign: Bad Language  Directed by Viron Papadopoulos

Best Actor: Ian Rixon  The Diary of Tommy Crisp

Best Actress: Dee Imbert  For The Want of a Nail
Best Screenplay: Peter Killy The Robber Barons of Wall Street
Best Director: David Knight  The Diary of Tommy Crisp

Honorable Mentions:

The Robber Barons of Wall Street Directed by Matthew Meis

The Regular Directed by Jamie Kirkpatrick

Butterbird Hotline Directed by Andy Milkis

28 and Counting Directed by Zack Bernstein & Christian Vogler

Henry & Anthony Directed by: Spencer W. Richards

Sheldon Directed by Andreas Frisch & Jeremy Slutskin

The Wrong Girl Directed by: James Lester

The Position Directed by: Kevin Stocklin

Missing Picture Directed by: Duwon Anthony

I Love My Woman  Directed by  Otis Kriegel

Limbo Directed by: Mark Finguerra

1 NYC Downtown Feature Film Festival Awards

Best Drama Great Kills Road Directed by: Tjebbo Penning (USA/Netherlands)
Best Comedy The Makeover Directed by: Colm O'Murchu (Australia)
Best Foreign (Latino)  A Mi Me Gusta
Directed by: Ralph Kinnard (Venezuela)
Best Documentary  Chasing Che Directed by: Alireza Rofougaran (Iran)
Audience Choice Award  Santorini Blue Directed by: Matthew D. Panepinto (USA)

Best Direction Tjebbo Penning  Great Kills Road

Honorable Mentions
  A Safe House  Directed by: Stephen Schioppo (USA)
Centre Place  Directed by Ben Shackleford (Australia)
Work It Out  Directed by: Andrew Fitzgerald (USA)

Sunday November 28 - 12:00 PM

Centre Place Directed by Ben Shackleford Australia Lizzie is a lost soul living in denial. She would prefer to stay in a shallow relationship than take charge of her own life. This is the story of an entire generation; living in limbo and not ready to grow up. Desperate for love to be the answer to her problems, Lizzie ignores the truth about her relationship and herself. However, when Simon, her boyfriend, dumps her on the eve of their departure to Paris, Lizzie’s life goes into a tail spin. Her illusions begin to unravel when her estranged father and an old flame re enter her life, forcing her to confront her fears. In the end, Lizzie realizes that she needs to find herself before she is able to find love.

Sunday November 28 - 2:30 PM

Um Homem Qualquer(An Ordinary Man) Directed by: Caio Vecchio Brazil Jonas is a thirty-something unemployed dreamer whose fantasies keep him from growing up. As a S. Paulo city dweller, he's tired of the daily massacre in the megalopolis, the lack of money, time, affection an perspective. in spite of this, hep still believes a simpler life is possible. He then meets and falls in love with Lia, a young actress in the theater. His Romantic obsession gradually lead him into an act of crime when his friend Tico suggests Kidnapping a rich foreigner as the solution to all his financial problems. Conscious that political crimes have less severe consequences, Jonas and Tico put together an ideological strategy for the Kidnapping and get Lia involved in their plan.

Sunday November 28 - 5:00 PM

Golden Times Directed by: Zach Fletcher USA After meeting at a Brooklyn bar James and Jo fall into a relationship that alternates erratically between affection and aggression. As they try to understand their connection their time together grows more intense and they must ask themselves if it is as rewarding as it is challenging.

Sunday November 28 - 7:30 PM

A Mi Me Gusta Directed by: Ralph Kinnard Venezuela Margarita Garcia has a dream : become a great chef – but not in her home country. She leaves everything behind to start a new life in London, but cruel reality sets in and she is forced to return to Venezuela. Back at home in Caracas she has to start all over again, but fate gives her a break: Paul Welsare, the admired British Cook comes to Venezuela to work for Christmas. If she only manages to receive a recommendation, she will have the passport to success in her hands. The only trouble is that Paul and Margarita are total opposites. Between family, friends and kitchen stove ignites this love story between a cold English man and a passionate Latin woman only to prove that – home is where the heart is – and Venezuela has much more to offer than Paul Imagines.

Monday November 29 - 8:00 PM

Murdered, Intersecting Memoirs Directed by: Terrence Ross USA Murdered, Intersecting Memoirs—a series of video ruminations on various high profile murderers who passed through the notorious 9th Precinct (front for NYPDBlue and Kojak). Using text, narration, and multiple images, each crime is examined through the prism of memory and media.

Tuesday November 30 - 8:00 PM

Wiener & Wiener Directed by: Dante Russo USA Meet Oscar, a borderline alcoholic underachieving hot dog living with his somewhat ordinary mostly awkward New York roommate, Peter. WIENER & WIENER weaves the tale of this unlikely pair through their trials and tribulations living in the city that never sleeps. Tune in to meet Brigitte, Peter's fashion designer girlfriend; Harriet, the landlord stuck in the 1950s; Sophie, Peter's best friend and homeless Real Estate agent; and Marilyn, Oscar's girlfriend and Broadway star of 'Breakfast @ Tiffany's'.

Wednesday December 1 - 8:00 PM

Liar's Pendulum Directed by: Andrew William Flores USA A mind bender set in a retro-futuristic America, Liar's Pendulum is Sin City, Jacob's Ladder, and Memento rolled into one. Alaric Almalquilar is a grungy, street-smart ex-cop turned private investigator/bounty hunter who is on the run from just about everybody, having betrayed a pair of rival mobsters and arranged to acquire top-secret research stolen from the federal government. Emissaries working within the military industrial complex have been sent to intercept and eliminate Alaric and re-acquire the top-secret research before he can get it into the hands of a benign order of underground research scientists who will further develop and disseminate the technology. In the meantime, as he gets closer to acquiring the technology and his pursuers close in, we learn that there is a lot more to Alaric and his story than meets the eye.

Thursday December 2 - 8:00 PM

Zaritsas:Russian Women in New York Directed by: Elena Beloff USA The filmmaker Elena Beloff is a Russian woman who has lived in New York for ten years. Her film explores stereotypes of Russian women which emerged in the 1990’s, unfortunate stereotypes that arose from the media and hearsay. Elena’s method was to follow five Russian women for six months interviewing each one in her environment: a rapper in a Sheeps Head Bay Church, a salesperson at La Perla Madison Avenue Boutique, a model at home, a showgirl at a Brighton Beach Restaurant and an exotic dancer at Scores Strip Club. This film develops on its own as the viewer sees the stereotypes dissolve and the flesh and blood woman come to life. Suddenly, the viewer is confronted by these several women whose experiences pose questions of spirituality and self-discovery as they come to vivid life on the New York scene.

Friday December 3 - 8:00 PM

Santorini Blue Directed by: Matthew D. Panepinto USA
Can love be rekindled? Felix and Alexandra, a seemingly happy and married writer couple living in New York, are torn apart when she discovers that he has betrayed their love with an affair. Reexamining her marriage, Alexandra decides to leave Felix and go alone on the honeymoon they always dreamed of in Santorini, Greece. She plans to continue writing on the island and confides in her manager, as well as the one who set her up with Felix (Richard Belzer), where she is going for her retreat. Felix's life unravels on every level without his true love. Seeking counsel with his therapist (Ice T) and, through soul searching, he realizes that she was the foundation behind their beautiful life. Despite script deadline pressure from his producer (Dann Florek), Felix is determined to prove to her that he has truly changed. But will he be too late? He still has to find and convince her. After begging Richard for the information, Felix jumps on the next flight out. The island is full of romance and temptation for both Felix and Alexandra... and it proves to be a perfect place to fall in love again with it's breathtaking sunsets over the caldera of the volcano and the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea. But when an unexpected twist of fate reminds her of the heartbreak, the pain is too much. She has found great momentum in her new life. Will Alexandra forgive Felix?

Saturday December 4 - 8:00 PM

A Safe House Directed by: Stephen Schioppo USA A safe house is a meditation on the myth of the american gangster. The son of a murdered gangster must go on the run from the law after discovering that his uncle murdered his father.

Sunday December 5 - 12:00 PM

The Makeover Directed by: Colm O'Murchu Australia Rodger Keaton, socially inept, clinically frigid, computer nerd, single white male. With such an exceptional study in social limitations, Patricia Bartlett - Award winning hard nosed journalist at its most self-righteous, has found her subject. Pitted against frightening odds, Hollywood makeover Guru Brad Holloway is blackmailed via the threat of crippling publicity if he cannot prove with substantial results that his Ultimate Makeover Services are the 'Real Deal'.

Sunday December 5 - 2:30 PM

Work It Out Directed by: Andrew Fitzgerald USA Dustin seems to be living the happy life of a swinging NYC bachelor. By day, he works as a personal trainer, by night he hangs out with his boys from the gym, and every spare moment seems more than dedicated to staying in peek physical condition. After a gym member, Becky (the type of woman his wild friends wouldn't give a second look), Dustin begins facing some bitter realities of his life, both past and present. Combining comedy and drama, the film asks the question of whether you can really be honest with anyone unless you're honest with yourself...

Sunday December 5 - 5:00 PM

Chasing Che Directed by: Alireza Rofougaran Iran Chasing Che is the account of a four-year odyssey in which an Iranian businessman, Alireza Rofougaran, switches the course of his life. Inspired by a biography of Che Guevara, which he reads and then translates into Farsi, Alireza embarks on a long odyssey through Latin America and Europe, home movie camera in hand. His mission: to retrace Che's footsteps. In an effort to gain a greater personal understanding of Che, he looks up any of the late revolutionary's surviving friends and foes he can find. In the process, Alireza gains new insights into his own life. Viewing the myth of Che Guevara with an eye to his own society, Alireza realizes the peculiarity of such a cross-cultural inspiration. Upon his return to Iran, he witnesses how the same cross cultural enthusiasm among his countrymen gives rise to an open controversy. Throughout the film, there is a process of change as Alireza finds himself confronted by the professional challenges posed by his new endeavor and his own obsessive commitment to fulfilling the project.

Sunday December 5  7:30 PM

Great Kills Road Directed by: Tjebbo Penning USA/Netherlands Maas de Boer is alone. With silence. With his conscience. With an old postcard from New York City, his last link to his ex-wife Sarah, an American woman who got up and left when she couldn't take it any longer. Holland, its gray skies, its impenetrable language, Maas' constant absence. But above all, Jonan, their son, severely mentally handicapped. 'He was never gonna walk. He was never gonna talk. He was never gonna smile. And there was nothing I could do about it,' Sarah will say later. She left, and it's been eight years now that Maas has been taking care of Jonan alone. Until now. Maas travels to New York to find Sarah. There's something he must tell her, a secret that is poisoning him.


 6th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival Awards

Best Drama   The Slow Mirror  Solveig Norland
Best Comedy   Streetca Directed By Frederick Weller
Best Animation   An Interview with Ranger Guss  Directed by Doug Moscowitz
Best Documentary  Breaking Boundries  Directed by Dennis Connors
Best  Gay/Lesbian  Still Here  Directed by Alex Camilleri
Best Latino  La Paz  Directed by Feliz Martiz
Best Foreign  Bollywood Beckons  Directed by Sophie Ann Rooney
Audience Choice Award Barbacks  Directed by Matthew Flynn

Best Actor Frederick Weller  Streetcar
Best Actress Wilzette Borno  Production
Best Supporting Actor Christopher Stadulis Transition
Best Supporting Actress Holland Taylor  Streetcar
Best Ensemble The Cast  from  Wally and the Chosen Few
Best Director Matthew Flynn  Barbacks

Honorable Mentions

Pax  Directed by Glenn Close  Co-Directed by Sarah Harvey
Dance Macabre  Directed by  Pedro Pires
Next Floor  Directed by Dennis Villeneuve
The Hirosaki Players Directed by Jeff Sousa
Love and Other Red Spot Specials  Directed by Lauren Anderson
Take My Wife Directed by Brett Carlson
Production Directed by Lenny Payan


5th NYC Downtown Film Festival Awards

Best Drama: Word on the $treet Directed by: Nick Barbieri  USA
Best Comedy: Crossing Numbers Directed by: Abel Gonzalez   USA
Best Documentary: Forgotten New York: Collect Pond Directed by: Dan Kowalski  USA
Best Animation: Chroma Chameleon Directed by: Marc Adler & Warren Grubb  USA
Best Latino: A Xinecologa Directed by: Alfonso Camarero   Spain
Best Foreign: James Directed by: Connor Clements   Northern Ireland
Audience Choice: You Don’t Know Me Directed by: Sean Melia   USA

Honorable Mentions

Der Pfandlaie Directed by: Frank - Peter Lenze   Germany
Finding Priya A Prom Date Directed by: Garrett Nantz  USA
His Good Will Directed by: Cayman Grant   Canada
La Juerga Directed by: Michael Louis Hill   USA
Sovereignty Directed by: Jonathan Sale   USA
Wig Directed by: Todd Holland   USA
You're Outa Here Directed by: George Griffin   USA

Best Actor: Trevor St. John
Best Actress: Heather Dilly
Best Director: Nick Barbieri
Cinematography: His Good Will


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